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Happy 2009

January 1, 2009

Happy New Year to all our regular readers (yes, all three of you). Here’s a brief list of what entries are in store for the coming weeks:

.: ’80s turbo talk: Toyota 3E-TE
.: Import from Japan, part 1: the art of searching
.: Skyline history: part 6 (C10 series)

Finally, some Youtube bosozoku madness for your amusement, ranging in quality from mildly tame to outrageously horrid. Whatever you might think of boso, you should at least give these folks top marks for trying; check out the white and red chop-top Crown at about 2 minutes in… o_O


So let’s just say that you happen to be sitting on a bit of cash (maybe the house market happens to be extremely unappealing at this point in time?) and you feel like buying a “new” car for yourself that isn’t just another bland modern mass of metal.


1974 Mitsubishi Debonair - your new fambily sedan?

fortunately for those of us that live in New Zealand, the current vehicle importation laws allow for right hand drive cars 20 years and older to be imported and registered for road use with very little red tape. This technically means (as of writing) any RHD vehicle registered in its country of origin on or before 22 December 1988, opening up a limitless amount of options as far as classic or “nostalgic” Japanese cars are concerned.


S21 Model Variants

December 15, 2008

Over the short course that I’ve owned the Prince, I’ve accumulated a few minor pieces of literature in regards to it, the best of which is a genuine, of the era, Prince Motor Company, Parts Book.

1963 Prince Skyline/Skyway Parts Book

1963 Prince Skyline/Skyway Parts Book

Though obviously not as detailed as a service manual, and not able to tell me a great deal about anything along the lines of production figures, etc.  It has still provided some insight into what was available in the range… (more…)