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You may find it hard to believe but the Paul Newman Version R30 Skylines still fetch a decent amount of coin back in Japan. Apart from being specced to the same level as the top of the line GT-ES models and the inclusion of a R200 LSD as standard equipment there’s not much else that makes the PNV any better than a regular HR30. (Unless you count the signature decals of course)

For sale on Goo-net: Paul Newman Ver! L20 Turbo! RS Watanabe Alloy Wheel!


Came across this freakin’ awesome piece o’ kit while doing the daily Yahoo Used Car trawl… I’ll let this plaque do the talking.

Specially Tuned by Special Engine Maker!


Whilst researching the possibility of another job, I have been spending some time looking up vans on YAJ (Yahoo! Auctions Japan) simply because the price in Japan, transport, bought and landed via Ewan @ is a lot cheaper than attempting to buy one locally from the car yards.  Another thing I’ve noticed during the search is that Toyota Hiaces command quite the premium and a newer, lower mileage Nissan Caravan can be had for sometimes half the price.  However, that’s enough modern jibber-jabber.  It’s safe to say that if the courier companies allowed the use of older vehicles (2005 is the cut-off) then I would most definitely roll one of these instead;

Nissan Caravan

Nissan HOMY

Toyota Hiace

Toyota Hiace

Sadly, this is not a viable option.  That being said, with the purchase price and initial setup cost of the Courier venture, it’s likely to be outside my reach at the moment regardless, so no options are viable.  I guess I’ll keep looking and dreaming.  One day…


Wait... What?

I think this is possibly one of the coolest conversions I’ve ever seen.  Take 1x Y30 Cedric Wagon and graft on bits from a 720 Pickup.  Not only does it suit it right down to the ground on the face of it, but the detail done to the rear is also very staunch looking…


OK, so obviously I didn’t go out to the photo-shoot (as shown yesterday) without my own camera and now that the little tiny feature has come out I figure I might as well share the shots I took that afternoon;

Just like a 70's brochure, but... not.

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