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Two years ago I embarked on a mission to restore one rather beaten-up Ford Laser.

As of today that mission is now complete.

there are still a couple of things left to be done, but it’s all window dressing compared to everything that’s come before (for the record: fit new wheels, apply factory decal kit, and get some replica side badging made up). The car starts, runs, drives, and looks the part, so by all accounts IT IS FINISHED.

The bonus round shall commence in another few months’ time when the Link V5 ECU gets shoehorned into the engine bay… but for now, I shall bask in the glory. very happy ammo added!

Cha-freakin-ching.  Ewan, you’re a legend. :  USE IT PEOPLE!  Tell him I (Michael/kyteler from  sent you.  He likes knowing, honest he does!

This box arrived today filled with the latest things to help me take the C110 to where I would like it aesthetically, as well as these few things another thing was added to the package from a separate YAJ auction.

Oh, it even has a heart on it!  How Skyline !

Oh, it even has a heart on it! How 'Skyline' !

My love for the Skyline range is probably considered a little sad by most people.  However, it is what it is and when it is that which it is (yes, I know I used too many two letter words.) and you see something like this on auction, you put in a max bid and cross your fingers.    Thankfully in this instance, it worked;  (more…)

Prince Trim Parts

May 11, 2009

Peculiar post, perhaps.  However, as far as exposure goes, this is probably my best bet for attaining the parts I’m after without having to make mention of it on a multitude of forums and such.  Having spent a fair amount of cash on parts from Japan for the C110 lately, I thought I would momentarily change focus to my other Skyline, the first generation S21 that I’m fortunate enough to own.  It also needs some parts.  Thankfully, Jason from the Skyline GT register in Australia has offered his assistance with finding the following parts for me.  If you read this and you can help too, then by all means do so!

Rather than having to describe these parts, I’m lucky enough to own a parts manual for my model of Prince Skyline, rare enough to come across on it’s own, perhaps even more rare than the car.

70 Moulding A, front

"70" Moulding A, front

70 69191 0201 MOULDING A, front

"70" 69191 0201 MOULDING A, front

Though I could probably do with another badge (“106″ 69978 0202 – Mark Assy., side) it’s not of utmost importance by comparison to the correct front and rear trim.  Speaking of which, here’s the rear trim I need;

Rear Trim Pieces (3 of)

Rear Trim Pieces (3 of)

Number Errors?

Although there has been three Skyline Supers including mine, to have made their existence known recently.  If you follow this blog you will have already seen them, I’m sure, however if you do not then you may wish to have a brief nosey at the posts I made in relation to these.  You can do this by clicking (more…)

Winter, is a coming

May 8, 2009
Frost, its all cold like.

Frost, it's all cold like.

Seasons are changing, which means frost and frozen cars in the morning.  I woke up to this on the S12 today, sadly I didn’t think to get an overall shot.  Also, the post has still got cars in it.  Ssssh you! (more…)

So, as was expected, my second package from Japan arrived (actually it arrived yesterday but let’s not be picky, I posted this entry a day late) in the same 3-day time frame that the first one took.  Though this time I was at home to receive it, at 11:20am.  Even the Courier was surprised it had arrived in 3 days and said himself that it was faster than internal New Zealand freight, I agreed.  So… what came this time around?  WELL!  Let’s see!

It came in a long white box, like so…

Oooh, what could it be?  Its faily long or is that wide?

Oooh, what could it be? It's fairly long or is that wide?