Possibly the last entry on this.  These pictures surfaced just the other day, taken by ‘ShavenYak’ the owner of the sweet old Hiace van you’ll see in the following pictures…

Torana, Hiace, Commodore, Cedric & Rodeo.

Celica, Celica, Celica, Celica, Celica, Civic.

Closer of the Torana, Hiace and Commodore.

Minty Fresh Mazda's

Corolla Time (+ Starlet)

Crown goon and E7 boxness.

More Celicas, this time of the MkII Supra persuasion.

Escort, RX7 & Avenger.

Bluebird & Violet

…and that’s us for now.  No doubt there’ll be a few more scattered here and there in the coming months, I believe I read somewhere that Mr. 86fighters was there taking photos, so hopefully his blog will be updated soon with some classy shots.

Cheers again to ShavenYak for the photographs, maybe one of these days I’ll be able to attend and take shots myself instead of having to request it of other people.


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