Long time no update from me. I’ve recently started a new job and as such am no longer behind a computer screen for 90% of my day. The up side of this is that I will in the not too distant future, have the cash to get shit done on my projects. First port of call though, was getting my hopeful daily (the KPB310) sorted for it’s next attempt at a Warrant of Fitness.

You may remember the state of it.

Thankfully, I have a very nice and understanding panel-beater who sorted that side of it and will let me pay on my first full payday (which is now monthly).

The result of their labour is as follows;

The rust, it be gone! RHS Inner Guard

Obviously, I need to cover it up again but it needs to be visible as being done for when I take it for a warrant again, so they’re aware that I care.  Hah.

They found another little area that needed sorted, so did that too.

The patch you can see on the right hand side of the above photo was showing through as half a dozen tiny pinholes on the strut tower on the engine bay side, with it cut out, the rust sandwiched between the two panels was quite noticable indeed and I’m glad it was found and sorted.  Nothing quite like an eagle eyed panel beater who cares.

With that done, I sorted the hinges that needed done, or at least the driver’s side…  I will get on to the passenger’s side if need be, though the use it will get is minimal regardless.  Once it’s legit again, I’ll keep a casual eye out for some wheels, sort the ride height and just daily the living fuck out of it whilst putting all my pennies to the 110-Project, because let’s be honest, that’s the car that deserves it.



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