August 21, 2011

This Steez be Real.

Retro bikes of many types, both stock and heavily modified, all converged upon the pleasant resort town of Taupo for a weekend of cycle cruising, comb fights, jousting and other casual festivities. The weather was pretty much perfect all weekend with spectacularly sunny skies, though it did end up being rather chilly with the entire country riding out the end of a cold snap! (no pun intended)

Couldn't have asked for better weather than this.

Much DIY ingenuity was on display, with a number of super slammed custom two-wheeled rides turning up to scrape their way along the Taupo streets with much vigor and enthusiasm!

Complete with height control.

All in all, a great turnout for the first inaugural Bike Summit, and it looks like this will become another regular fixture on the hallowed OS calendar. Once again, thanks to the fair citizens of Taupo for being so accommodating, I guess it’s not every day that such an unconventional bunch of cyclists take to the streets of town! Check out Ed’s flickr album here, or click the link below for the official pics thread on OS which includes some shots from the 1VAKND trackday which was held concurrently on the Friday.

Cycle cruise.

Bicycle Gang Summit 2011 photos and videos on forum »

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