With Ewan bringing in another container shortly I’ve been looking on YAJ much more frequently and given that, I figured I might as well compose a bit of a dream list setup of parts I would love to get if I had the money.


Period Buckets, x2 = 60000JPY


Stainless Twin-Pipe Exhaust Setup = 115000JPY

FRP Bonnet = 42000JPY

110GT-R External Lamp Surrounds = 25000JPY

110GT-R GT Shield badges x2 = 7380JPY

NISMO Electric Fuel Pump = 10630JPY

CUSCO 110 Camber Tops = 20900JPY

110GT-R Grille = 130000JPY

110GT-R Rear Panel Badge = 3590JPY

Adjustable Rear Shocks = 75000JPY

Appropriate fender mirrors = >25000JPY

Racing Jacket = 12000JPY

Set of 16"x 8.5 & 9.5 RS-Watanabe Wheels = 150000JPY

Keeping in mind the first thing my 110 needs is the damn body fixed, and there’s obviously more bits and pieces that I need but for the time being the grand total of the above items…


That’s purchase price (in most cases) and there’s still shipping and the rest of the jazz to add on to that.  So, chances of getting any of the 10000NZD worth of just parts any time in the near future is very, very slim.



  • Tony240Z says:

    Hey Michael, who makes those seats? I’d love to buy those for my 240Z.

  • kyteler says:

    Hey Tony, if you click the picture it should take you to the auction, if memory serves there’s a few members on YAJ that sell them one is a fairly sizable shop. If you need any assistance in getting them ex-Japan, Ewan can probably help you out as well, just fire him and email and tell him Michael sent you.

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