I figured I’d just continue Part II on with some more photographs of the line-up of F5000 (& F1) cars that were attending;

I'm not sure Lush could be any more appropriate

The whole car

Lola, la la lala LOLA
Spare wheels, anyone?
Remember the good old days of Tobacco Company Sponsorship?
Marlboro Country…
Ahh wets, you hope to never need to utilise them
This LOLA was involved in an incident on the Friday, not sure if it was too serious.
The extra awe of the orange
Swoon – Yardley McLaren
The beginning of nose wings, they almost look and after-thought.
Settings tweaking to be done
I have a feeling that cockpit is more of a squeeze for some than others.
Assuming this LOLA is black with gold trim due to being previously JPS but, unsure.
Very red, obviously lacking it’s original sponsor decals.
Inboard discs and huge slicks.  Top of the line open-wheelers.

That’s us for now.  Plenty more to come, hell… I’m not even vaguely through the Friday photographs and then there’s still the guff from the Saturday also.  This could take some time.


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