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December 15, 2008


burntrubbers Turbo Gem

"burntrubber's" Turbo Gem

Every now and then you’ll stumble across a car or two that really makes you think, “Yeah.. that’s why I have cars as a hobby” or alternatively just something that makes you laugh and feel good about random automotive nonsense and the association with some of the people who share the hobby.

Some more pictures of the Gemini, which you can read more about here

Geminis Engine Bay

Gemini's Engine Bay

Subtle and effective front appearance

Subtle and effective front appearance

Could do with having the cooler painted black so it’s a little more stealth but unless you know to look, I don’t think that many people would pick it as being an inter-cooled turbo 80′s car.


Stumbling across this on the forums just yesterday, made me laugh;

Mitsubishi Sigma Wagon meets its end.

Mitsubishi Sigma Wagon meets it's end.

Who really needs suspension components?

Who really needs suspension components?

More can be read about the “project” via this link.

Some may consider it a waste of a Sigma wagon but it wasn’t in the best shape to begin with and it’s parts shall live on it better things.  Perhaps even other Sigma wagons.

More Inspiration

Snoozins Triumph 2000 TC

"Snoozin's" Triumph 2000 TC

A lot of the time, it’s the simple things that make all the difference.  A well looked after car, with a few minor changes can turn it from something people look past, to something that people can’t look past.  This Triumph is a perfect example of that.  With some appropriately sized wheels and a suitable change in stance, the pictures speak for themselves.

More to be seen here

With that, I shall end this entry.


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