Not Good Enough?

March 5, 2010

Recently put out a request for people to e-mail in pictures of their Skylines for a “Skyline Week” they were doing, March 1 thru 6.  (March being the 3rd Month, eg. 3-1 (R31), 3-2 (R32), etc.)  There was a comment made in the post that if you were fortunate enough to own a classic Skyline, you were welcome to send through a picture of that too and that would be posted on the day of the R31.  I figured, hell, I wonder if they’d bother posting mine up.  So I threw together an email and fired it off.  The days went by, no reply, but I figured that normal given the amount of mail they likely receive.  I informed Ed (Orion) of the request for Reader’s Cars too and he also decided to fire an email off.  So we waited.  Then, the first came and went, being America is a day behind us, it wasn’t until the next that the March 1st offerings were posted.  Good news!  Ed’s two DR30′s made it in.  My S21 and C110 however, did not.   I can’t help but wonder whether it was because when  I sent my email I linked to my site in it and a post on the front-page at that time was this one,

Perhaps they took offence or perhaps my e-mail just got lost in the sea of e-mails.  However seeing as they didn’t post them up, I might as well even though you chaps are likely to have seen it all before.

1963 Prince Skyline Super (S21D-4)

1973 Datsun 240K (Nissan Skyline) (KHGC110)



  • banpei says:

    I was already wondering if you guys would actually have sent in your rides for that call. ;)
    A bit of a shame they did not include yours: they includes only ONE pre R30 skyline in that posting. :(

  • kyteler says:

    Yeah, it was an exercise in curiosity. The picture of my Kenmeri that I sent was a bit vague but certainly nothing less or more so than the chap from JNC’s Hakosuka. I’m sure it’s a simple reason as to why they didn’t post either car, more likely just an e-mail skipped, I assume they got more than a few.

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