Back to that Fender…

January 20, 2010

You may remember this fender, being that I only just posted about it recently.  Well after all my running about today I figured I might as well be MORE productive and get stuck back into it to fill my “Something on the C110 Daily” quota.

Today I started with this;

Yeah, it's so awesome.

First port of call was the rott spot at the bottom of the guard.

3mm Finishing Filler, 1mm Regular filler, Metric Fuckload of "Fibre Bog"

Oh, but why use fibre bog/filler/Nu-Tech/New-Tec (whatever the fuck it’s called).  Well, obviously to fill holes with instead of using steel. Afterall, someone else has previously brazed in a repair patch into the bottom of the guard, why carry on?  Why not just slap some bullshit in it.  If you need proof that the rust hole was bad before the bog made it’s way in, then check out how the back of the bog looks after being dug out;

That's right, a big rounded bulbous section. No resistance behind that when it was formed.

What you can see in there is the inner support panel, which you’ll also see later.  He’s a pulled back shot of how the bottom of that guard looks.

Help, I've been abused!

You can see that at some stage in the past someone has tried to fix it once at least vaguely properly and then subsequently the next attempt was just fibre filler. I mean fuck, the first attempt is still in good nick by comparison.

With a few more metric tonnes of filler removed and my drill starting to make a horrible grinding noise, I was left with this;

Partially clean.

Not to be outdone, the top of the guard also had a rust hole “repaired” by being filled with fibre bog;

This car is Holier than the Pope!

So, not much left to go on that now, thankfully.  Though I think a visit to Mitre 10 to replace my replacement drill, might well be in order.



  • Ed says:

    How’s the left hand one? Just as bad?

  • kyteler says:

    Not sure yet, will get onto it shortly (later today) and let you know. Being it would have had less paint on it and my drill is a bit iffy at the moment I’m going to try the stripper first up.

  • Ed says:

    If it’s really bad I have got a new LH one but not sure what it’d cost to ship it there as it’s pretty big!

  • kyteler says:

    I did strip it partially, I’ll update later today with the pictures. It’s not horrific but it’s not awesome. I would be worried about the price of shipping it. To be honest in the long run I’ll probably go to glass flares, bonnet, bootlid, etc. So it would be a waste to use a good steel one, especially given that I’m going to be putting flares on anyway. I’m sure someone else out there would make better use of it. I do appreciate the offer though. If you could magically turn it into a bootlid…. ;)

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