Paint Stripper Challenge.

January 13, 2010

Your challenge, whether you accept it or not, Mr. Paint Stripper is to attempt to get through to steel on this fender;




Unfortunately, due the apparently horrific amount of paint on this damn fender, the first attempt was a complete and utter fail;

One, one layer of paint! Muahah!

Two, two layers of paint!

Three! Three layers of paint!

Par for the course, with complimentary bog/filler!

I ran out of time before I had to get to work, so rather than both fenders being done in an afternoon I got 75% of a single one done.  I should have just wire brushed it.  At least then it would have been complete.

Still!  Some progress is better than none.



  • Eliot says:

    I would reccomend talking to someone from an auto repair place about your method and materials. A good friend of mine was able to strip a number of layers from his XL Falcon’s guards in one attempt, using the glad wrap method you have previously tried. I can ask him the brand of paint stripper if you like? Likely little use now, I suspect. Has Josh from The South mentioned anything? I recall him being involved in this sort of thing

  • kyteler says:

    I’m not too fussed to be honest. There’s so little panels left that require the work that it’s of no great concern how long they take. If the stripper doesn’t gel then I’ll just wire brush it. A lot of people recommend a wire brush on an angle grinder as opposed to a drill, it would make shorter work or it, I imagine and less strain on the arms too. No big deal though.

    Problem here is that it’s such a mixture of bog and bodge jobs that any attempts to strip the paint are hindered by the stripper soaking into a large deposit of filler or by encountering the dreaded “Nu-Tech”.

    I should have all the surfaces Etch Primed before the months out then I just have to get on to replacing the holes with steel. Fun times ahead.

  • Josh says:

    Too late now I suppose, but the best stripper out there is called Candy. no seriously, its called Tergo-strip. A nice layer of that with some thick plastic to seal in the reaction and your back to steel faster than fast.

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