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January 9, 2010

This Trademe listing gave me a bit of a chuckle over my morning coffee. Notably, the part where it says


I think owners of “oldschool” cars should stop taking the piss.

anyway it’s back to Wellington this weekend, to drop a JZX100 Tourer V off to a friend of mine (they call me the transporter, ha). In a way I’m glad, as any more time spent with this car and I might learn to love it and all its modern conveniences. Not to mention 1JZ-GTE powah… although in stock form it feels no quicker than squid. But to be fair the Chaser’s around 300kg heavier, and squid has a couple of mods. Either way, a 4-door cruiser is a nice thing to have.

Folks on another forum are trying to convince me to write a review about the JZX100, so I may link to it from here once I’m done… stay tuned!

going to wellington, brb

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