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November 20, 2009

Browsing for random things turned up for me the address of a site that I simply had to share with you all, it’s called “Moby’s Site” (the link is now on the right hand side).  I thoroughly recommend checking it out.  Though here’s a few samples to get inspire you further to click the link;

With everything from Brochures, Adverts, Museums, Car Shows, Race Meetings, all manner of cars from all possible destinations.  It’s truly a sweet, sweet site.

Saab V4

Saab V4

Sweet Flares, Tyres, Paintjob... can only be BMW

Golf Rally

VW Golf in Rally Guise

Lotus Engined Cortina

"LOTUS" Engine'd Cortina

One of my all time favourite Alfas and well, cars in general!

One of my all time favourite Alfa's and well, cars in general!

1st Gen. Camaro, nuff Said.

1st Gen. Camaro, 'nuff Said.



I know what will be taking up most of my day…




  • Squiddly Spooge says:

    Brum brum go the cars as they race round the track.
    brum brum goes the cars, yeah.

  • Justin Holden says:

    That is a 4AGE in that LOTUS Engined Cortina it is not a BDA or Lotus motor

    While the 4age is pretty close to idenitcal specs as a BDA or Lotus Twin cam its defantly not the same

  • kyteler says:

    Indeed. My apologies, I had forgot something which I have now amended. I was too busy marvelling at other things on the site to really pay close attention to a Cortina.

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