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November 19, 2009

With much and many thanks to Ewan from, I have had the parts to put the engine in the Daihatsu Max back together for a week or two, the only problem is that the weather decided it did not want to assist me with this…                …until yesterday that is!  So with the first sunny day devoid of wind, having the morning off on a Wednesday proved to be ideal.  I dropped my partner off at around half eight in the A.M, came home and got stuck into it;

Step 1:

Step 1: Remove Old Lower Gasket

The gasket came off surprisingly easily.  I thought it would rip like a son of a chicken, thankfully I pulled it off gently and it managed to be extracted in one piece…

Step 2: Install New Gasket

Step 2: Install New Gasket

I have of course skipped the step where I clean the surface before installing the new gasket, but never fear, I did do it!

Step 3: Attach 1 Piston to Rod

Step 3: Attach New Piston to Rod

Brand spanking new.  Looks so sweet it was almost a shame to put the barrel on.

Step 4: Other New Piston

Step 4: Other New Piston

Step 5: Install Barrell

Step 5: Install Cylinder Barrel

Step 6: Install other Cylinder

Step 6: Install Second Cylinder

Now past this point was where I ran into a bit of a problem, I put the new headgasket on, put the head on and then went to my brother’s to borrow a torquewrench, sadly… he was not home.  Rather than call it a day though I figured I’d fingertight everything else on, just to make sure it was actually there and I wasn’t missing things.  The end result was this;

Mock-up Completion.

Mock-up Completion.

Verdict:  I need two new heater hoses as it appears they were cut from the firewall and subsequently biffed out.  Everything else however, appears to be there!  So, once I’ve got my hands (hopefully this weekend) on a torque wrench to make sure it’s all done up to spec, it will almost be time to take a little “Starting the Engine” video.  My inner two-smoke child is giggling with excitement at the thought alone I can’t imagine how I’ll react when it actually happens.  I may well explode.



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