Want to buy a Bug?

August 17, 2009

This little ‘Rat’ Bug, is for sale not too far from me.  It’s in Winton, Southland.  I normally wouldn’t put your average for sale type deal up on here but I think it’s likely to have a potential market in viewers from here and as the guy who owns it is essentially local.  Why the hell not?!  Check it out for yourself;

“Spec” List;

-’enhanced patina’ half fake, half real (looks real)
-pinstriped under patina to look old
-5″ narrowed beam
-dropped spindles
-new king pins
-new link pins
-1600 single port (new cylinders and pistons
- big webber twin barrel carb (needs manifold)
-Near on no rust (i cut and welded almost all of it, bear in mind its a rat so bit rough)
-I think it’s 100% complete
-near new 145/50 tyres, or whatever smart car tyres are

etc. etc.

You can check out some more pictures and the links to perhaps go on to purchase it, by clicking

For Sale on NZ VeeDub Nuts

or if you’re on oldschool.co.nz, the owner has now registered on there too and you can contact him via this thread;

For Sale on oldschool.co.nz

It could be yours for the bargain price of $1750NZD.  Cheap? Maybe, I don’t know, I’m not in the market for a VW Beetle.  Seems like it could be though?  Go for it.  I dare you.



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