WAAAAAAAAAY back in 2006…

…OK, so it’s not that long ago.. still though, back then Invercargill was host to one of the best Vintage car rallies I’ve ever wrapped my beady little eyes upon, a massive number of cars descended upon the town and went on varying journey’s across, around and through Southland over the week or so that they were in town.  It was clear that cars had come from all over the country and with all hotels, motels and otherwise booked out through-out the city it was likely a large boost to the local economy.  I didn’t care about that however… all I cared about were the magical metal chariots of the ages that had made Invercargill their temporary home. 

The camera that I was using at the time was a very dated Agfa ePhoto which had the most abysmal resolution and colour depth but what it did have was a cool tilting viewscreen.  This first collection of images are all taken on the rather sad Agfa Digital Camera,  it wasn’t until my second day of running about like an idiot taking photos that I got my hands on a decent camera (by comparison) in the way of a Fuji FinePix S5500, just a Point and Shoot but several levels above the Agfa I was using.

All that aside, the first set is only 30 images taken with the Agfa, the subsequent Fuji images number 188 and will take a while longer to upload, so stay tuned for more if you like the look of these first samples.

This awesome pair of wagon/estate / breaks was just snapped in time as the Peugeot was pulling away, Britain vs. France.  I’m not even sure which one I would prefer.  I’d definitely be happy with either.

A Skoda Felicia.  What else is there to say?  They’re freakin’ choice!  Despite not being a fan of convertibles I still quite like this little Skoda the slight but deliberate flaring where it perhaps isn’t even required on standard wheel and tyre fitment is quite a lovely signature.

Perhaps a little more common that the previous shown examples but I’m a sucker for a coupe and if I had to have an Aussie Falcon, it would be either an XM or XP Coupe.

The difference between the US and the UK in 1938.  Size. Look at the massive scale differences between the Buick (above) and the little Riley (below)

Obviously there’s tens more!  You can check them out in their RC flickr set here;

2006 Vero Vintage Car Rally, Set 1

Stay tuned for the next lot and to give you an example of the quality difference, here’s the first one from that set



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