A snap from the recent Japanese SuperGT race in Sepang shows the Hasemi Motorsport car harking back to R30 Super Silhouette livery.

I for one, approve!

Hasemi Motorsport GT-R

Hasemi Motorsport GT-R

Hasemi Motorsport R30 SuperSilhouette (in later form)

Hasemi Motorsport R30 SuperSilhouette (Gr. C)

Hasemi Motorsport R30 SuperSilhouette (early form)

Hasemi Motorsport R30 SuperSilhouette (Gr. 5)



  • Zeb says:

    That’s really cool of them I think, it’s such a sweet shade of red.

    You see that photo I tagged you in man? GOOD

  • banpei says:

    Great to see the Hesemi honoring the Tomica Skyline R30 livery!

    Actually the middle picture showing the R30 Super Silhouette is not the later form. It is the Group C Nissan Skyline RS Turbo C which was used in endurance races outside Japan. It was ordered by an South African Nissan dealer to compete in the Kyalami 9 hour endurance in 1982, so the two are made during the same period.
    Technically they are quite alike, but due to the difference in rules between Group C and Group 5 the Turbo C had to be lower and wider than the Group 5 car.

  • kyteler says:

    Oh, choice. Cheers for that info man. Unfortunately the only info I have on it is in Japanese and I’m not even vaguely fluent. Glad to have that clarified. I’ll adjust the post shortly to correct my mistake.

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