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OK, I’m still super tired and getting through the photos and filtering out the crap from the good.  There will be a bit more later but until then;

JohnnyFive's GSR


Retro audio revisited

May 10, 2011

To anyone who’s noticed my lack of updates recently, apologies for the leave of absence but moving house is such a chore. All settled in to the new place now though, so let the posts re-commence flowing henceforth! It’s also been a while since regular blog entries I know, but Michael should be back from Nationals any minute and will most likely have a swag of photos and crazy anecdotes to share in the upcoming days to keep you all entertained.

on to the subject at hand: $1 reserve auctions on Trademe are awesome, aren’t they? Especially when you pick up gems such as this vintage “Lonesome Car-boy” KP-707G component tape deck in unknown condition, but still in its original packaging.

For a dollar.

Mint. In Box.



Onwards H230!

One of these days I’ll be able to afford to work on it again… Surely…