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This Sunday been (06/02) saw a myriad of machinery parked and placed for all to ogle.  The following pictures of said event were taken by one K-trips (Mr. Smith) and one Mr. Nate Mitchinson big-ups to these chaps for sharing them with me and in turn you lovely readers of this meager blogsicle.  I’ll start the viewing with my favourite of the selection…

Roadrunner, if he catches you... ..well... ...he won't catch you.

As K-tripleThreat stated after he shared this photo, what makes this car is the utilised look.  It’s badass and it’s used as a car, not a trophy or lah-de-dah symbol of snobbery.    The Globe alloy and tyre combo look staunch as shit and decent on something other than the standard Falcon fare they’re normally found on.  Just outright awesome.  Love it.

S to the lammed. Smooth and Sweet.

This was another that caught my eye as a standout.  Carry-on for more pictures of it and some of the other masses of metal that took part…


…so we put a Skyline on your Skyline.

Model cars rule!

“What is this?” you ask, “RC blogging about a car built after 1989?” Considering the car in question is a Lancia Delta (first released 1979) I feel this is wholly justified!

One owner, 69,000km, telephone dial rims and black interior, what’s there not to like? Even the price is sweet, coming in at a reasonable 450,000 yen (no reserve); that’s only 7200 NZ pesos.

Oh yes.

or if you’re feeling rich you can hit the buy now for a cool 780,000 yen ($12,800).


Giz these rims NOWE

February 2, 2011

I’ll just leave this here.

AW11 on 15 inch Linea Sports

Time to hunt myself down a set of Linea Sport rims ex Japan…

Toyota MR2 1.6 G for sale on Yahoo! Autos Japan »

Man, I almost wish I lived in America, for the first time in my life.

"Insert TrendwhoreStanceflushNationSlamWeinerSlogan"

I wonder if this will see the Kenmeri getting a bit more exposure or rather saturation in the US scene.  Likely so.  That’s the last thing I need, prices for parts getting even worse, hahah.  Still though, amazing prize.  Someone is going to be a very lucky chap or chapette, especially after they sell the TE37V’s of ultimate bland off it and put something decent on.

(found via Eric @ JDM Legends)