H230, MC21, C110, L38

I took this photo the other night as a snapshot of the current state of my projects. It’s shows all but the S21 Prince which is stored elsewhere.   Now if only I had the cash to finish these damn things off!



  • Steve - nzmax says:

    I wish my garage looked as neat and tidy as yours. Its currently doing a great impersonation of a demolition yard, with numerous windows, clawfoot bath, bales of batts and weatherboards for the house, almost barely enough room to get the cars in and the door shut. Just need the cash to put them together in their appropriate places.

  • kyteler says:

    My garage is only that tidy because it isn’t mine! ahahah. We’re renting and there’s a clause in the agreement that states “NO OIL DRIPS IN THE GARAGE OR ON THE DRIVEWAY”, I’m not sure how we’re supposed to know whether visitor’s cars leak oil or not, but yeah. There’s trays/cardboard under everything that could possibly leak in the garage. Helps too that it’s a fairly new garage and large enough to space things out.

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