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The Yardley McLaren

February 25, 2009

This car has been at the last few Classic Speed Fests.  this time as I was wandering about, it was inside the scrutineering shed and being that it was raining outside, I thought it would be an ideal moment to shelter from the rain and take a few shots of a fantastic and impressive vehicle.

1973 M23 Yardley McLaren F1 Car

1973 M23 Yardley McLaren F1 Car

If you’re unaware of Bruce McLaren and/or Denny Hulme.  I would suggest you get visit this website;

Once you’ve done that, come back and oggle the beauty that is this car.  I probably should have taken more photos but I think I was getting in the way of people as it was so I didn’t want to spend too long fluffing about.

Each of the photos links directly to a 1024×768 version.  Alternatively you can view the flickr gallery of 9 photos via the link at the end of this post.