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Retro Pitfalls

February 16, 2009

Dodgey work by previous owners is one thing.  Most people who buy a used or classic car are aware that at some point in it’s life it will have been mistreated, the likelihood of stumbling across that shed find wonder is fairly slim.  Both my 1963 & 1973 Skyline, despite some time spent parked up 20 & 10 years respectively, were by no means immune.  With the ’73 being a more common car I did expect it to be a little thrashed and rotten, though perhaps not as much as it turned out.  The ’63 I didn’t expect as much wrong with it.  There is a bit of rott which considering it’s age is quite slim, but the real problems lie in weird additions of wiring by previous owners and quick bodges here and there.  However, as I said before these are things by previous owner’s and we come to expect them.  What we don’t and should never expect is bodge jobs by actual automotive shops or at least those that call themselves such.

If you follow the link further down in this post you can browse through almost 100 pages of what is a horrible and painful saga for the unfortunate purchaser of a Dukes Of Hazzard replica which cosmetically seemed fine, as such;

Looks pretty at a distance

Looks pretty at a distance