Another Panel Done.

January 7, 2010

The weather in the morning was pretty decent so I got stuck into the C110 again, in the process I destroyed a drill.  No big loss as it was under warranty, replacement drill already received.  Anyway, before it died I managed to finish off the driver’s side door.  The only disturbing part was the pathetic holes made for attaching the door mirror, which were even more ridiculous than on the passenger side, as you might remember;

Yep, all class.

With the door and sill on the driver’s side now done on the car itself, it just leaves the roof and the front scuttle.  Then I’ll get onto the panel’s I’ve already removed, bonnet, boot, front fenders…     Slow process, but shall prove rewarding upon completion.  Looking forward to it.


Macro Casting

January 5, 2010

Due to atrocious Holiday weather, I’ve not had much of a chance to do much of anything at all to the C110, Max, Prince or the Cedric (not that the Cedric needs anything done). However, with the arrival of the new components for the 110 build I thought I’d play around with my new camera (Olympus E-500) and focus on some of the more important digits and otherwise.



Carburettor Manufacturer



Happy New Gear!

January 2, 2010

The 1st of January and I took delivery of two new components to be utilised in my C110 Project.

L28 (foreground), LD28 (background)

Ah yes, more pieces for the puzzle. The L28 is from an F30 Leopard, which simply means that it’s front sump and I don’t have to change anything to bolt it into the Skyline. Win! Nissan Lego strikes again.


C110 – Again

December 14, 2009

So having left a lot of the rear quarter to go, on Friday afternoon after I had finished work for the day I shot home and due to the weather was resigned to wire brushing in the garage, which is annoying only for the fact that due to the previous “work” done on the C110, the garage fill with bog dust.  Which isn’t the best, really.  Anyway, so I hacked into the bog;



It wasn’t long before I decided that the amount of damage to this area regardless I would be better to as gently as possible, chip the bog off with a screw driver, then tidy up the residual filler with a wire-brush later, much like this… (more…)

With starting work in the evening and it being a magically fantastic day, I pulled the C110 out from the garage and got stuck in to the doomed side with my wire wheel and pistol drill.  Time consuming but rewarding none the less.   Here’s what I started with;

My first real port of call was the lower rear quarter, behind the wheel.  Being that the corner where the rear panel met the rear quarter was so horrifically repaired, things did not bode well.  Of course, how could they when the previous owner was so wonderful with his “repairs”.  The next discovery just provided further proof of inability/deception. (more…)