Back to that Fender…

January 20, 2010

You may remember this fender, being that I only just posted about it recently.  Well after all my running about today I figured I might as well be MORE productive and get stuck back into it to fill my “Something on the C110 Daily” quota.

Today I started with this;

Yeah, it's so awesome.

First port of call was the rott spot at the bottom of the guard.

3mm Finishing Filler, 1mm Regular filler, Metric Fuckload of "Fibre Bog"

Oh, but why use fibre bog/filler/Nu-Tech/New-Tec (whatever the fuck it’s called).  Well, obviously to fill holes with instead of using steel. Afterall, someone else has previously brazed in a repair patch into the bottom of the guard, why carry on?  Why not just slap some bullshit in it.  If you need proof that the rust hole was bad before the bog made it’s way in, then check out how the back of the bog looks after being dug out;


Introducing, my bootlid.

January 14, 2010

With Complimentary Rust and Incorrect Spoiler!

Some might look at that spoiler and think…

“That’s not too shabby, it’s close to the right one.  Why don’t you just keep it?”

It’s been a sore spot with me since I’ve had the car.  It’s a fibreglass replica spoiler for a Torana GTR-XU1.  It doesn’t fit correctly, the attempt at fitment is abysmal and has generated a lot of rust and cracked paint.  So today came time to remove it.  A task not as easy as one might think. (more…)

Paint Stripper Challenge.

January 13, 2010

Your challenge, whether you accept it or not, Mr. Paint Stripper is to attempt to get through to steel on this fender;




Productive Weekend

January 11, 2010

Well, I managed to get a few more bits and pieces done on the weekend, but first things first.  On the Friday evening after work I shot home to un-wrap and test fit my parcel from Chris, the result was as such;

Exhausting work!

Annoying to attempt to fit whilst the F54 was on it’s cradle as they rest below the floor height so I just kind of propped them into place, as you can see.  There seems to be plenty of clearance for the engine mount but whether it fouls on any of the steering components I’ll not discover until I test fit it.  Which is a while off as more important things like bodywork are to come first and I’ve still got to finish tidying up the engine bay…  Something I wouldn’t normally bother with but seeing as everything else is getting done it would be ridiculous not to.

Anyway!  Speaking of bodywork…


Another Parcel

January 8, 2010

The lovely Courier man dropped these off to me today.  What could they be??  I’m at work so I’ll have to wait until tonight to open it up.  Though I think you should be able to guess what they are…

Complete with hilarious play on my last name!

I bought them some time ago but lent them to a friend who was going to test fit them and replicate them for his own car but that didn’t pan out in the end.  He’s since sold the car and so these have made their way home.