C110 Floor & H230 Lamps

January 28, 2010

Got a little more done today, quite happy with how easy this stuff is to chip off.  I assume there’s a solvent that can be used for tidying up the residual crap?  If anyone has an idea, let me know.  Keen to get the solid floor sparkling.



I love that the previous owner left the floor alone, it’s so satisfying knocking out 1.5kg and finding clean floor underneath.

Also, since I’ve had the 260C it’s had cartaracts.  A foggy LHS high-beam lamp, initially it still worked despite this but I noticed a few days ago that it stopped working so I dug into my spares and got that sorted too seeing as the weather was so good.


110 Post Plague Continues…

January 27, 2010

More done today.  I started with this front end;

Looks worse than it is.

You can see residual over-spray from many effort as well as the surface rust from the chassis section that sits behind the front apron.  Thankfully it’s only that and the structure of the car is in very good shape as far as those sections are concerned.  I gave it a quick once over with a wire brush and it came up like so… (more…)

110 Again

January 26, 2010


Another Trial Fitment. It Looks Staunch.

I got a little bit more paint stripping done, this time on the front apron, which as to be expected was riddled with bog also.  However, I neglected to take any photos of it.  Instead after I finished with that I decided it was time to mark out where the flares sit and then how much steel (roughly) is to be cut out.  As you can see, there’s going to be plenty of arch to fill both width and diameter wise.  16′s I think would be ideal in the long run but I’ll only go as small as 15.  I’m thinking though that 8.5″ and 9.5″ might not quite cover it.  I’ll have to play around a bit with my 7.5′s to get an idea of what might be workable.

Anyway!  here’s a basic jist of how much steel has to be cut out… (more…)

Fender Finish

January 25, 2010

With both fenders at about the same stage before my drill packed a sad.   In the weekend I decided to roll to Mitre 10 and replace the drill under warranty.  We’re up to drill number 3 now.  Last one only last two weeks and did a tenth of the work of the first one.  Not cool.  Anyway…

This was what I started with on the Saturday;

Residual Paint & Bog, Post-Stripping

The RHS didn’t need all that much, just a quick flick with the wire-brush and then it was onto the LHS;

Which ended in this

The bottom of the guard fairly toast.  I think I might well take you up on that offer for that section from one of your spares, Ed.  If that’s alright.  You can see just how bad the rott is with these close-ups… (more…)

… the other Fender

January 22, 2010

Alright, so as mentioned in the comments from the RHS fender, I got stuck into the LHS Fender yesterday and some of it is better and some of it is worse.  So it’s probably drawing even with the RHS, I’ll let you see for yourself;

Take 1 Panel

Add Stripper & Glad-Wrap

Let sit for several minutes…