The best stuff always seems to pop up when you’ve got no way of getting it.  Example, these two auctions finish tonight and are the EXACT wheels I’m after for the C110.

RS-Watanabe Type-R 16x8.5" -6 offset

RS-Watanabe Type-R 16x9.5" -19 offset

Ahh well.  One day…


So after getting the gasket set earlier that day, I was motivated to at least do something on the 110.  That thing was slapping the Leopard L28 into the engine bay so I could check clearances for the headers.  Being they were from a Z, it’s a known issue for them to foul on at least something when they make their way into a C110 chassis.  So, in the engine went.  Resulting in this;

Wheels Straight

Getting pretty close with everything straight, which didn’t bode well for when the wheels turn to the right, and sure enough…


So, I finished paying for the two engines I got from the guy I bought the H230 on Friday past, I then got a call in the weekend from the chap saying he had one more thing to give me that he found when he was cleaning out the garage;

Genuine Nissan Part - A Gasket Engine?

Obviously it’s a gasket set, sweet.  I have some head-gaskets and manifold gaskets but the more spares the better, right?  However, this package isn’t just the headgasket, oh no… it’s much much (more…)

110-Project, Rear-Panel.

February 11, 2010

I went and visited my panel beater chap today.  I had left my spare rear panel there and decided to go pick it up and have a yarn.  Thankfully he still had it sitting aside, despite one of his workers trying to throw it out at one point.  So after a bit of a natter about the state of the 110 and other vehicles I grabbed the panel and made haste, allowing him to return to work as well.  A quick stop over at E Hayes & Sons to buy some screws to fit the Japanese domestic lamps to it and I made my way home and dug the lamps out of storage, made use of my new screws and played a game of comparison.

Nissan (above) - Datsun (below)

The Datsun one is obviously not entirely stock having had the badge recess filled and then the whole panel re-painted.  However, that’s not important, what is important is that the spare panel needed some tidying up, so before I shot off to work I started on that…


This weekend saw more work on the 110, (oddly enough, it’s my obsession at the moment and I think it has to be exactly that in order for it to get a wriggle on).  First up, after taking the advice from Craig (Vegie) in his comments and using Turpentine to remove the sound deadening residue and thus completing the passenger side, it was onto the driver’s side.  Which was completed in two simple steps.