Well, another month has dawned on us (granted that was a couple of weeks back) and I’ve got another kitset to give away, as such, I’m going to need an answer to this question.

“What other car model shared the same platform as the 1st Generation Skyline?”

If you’ve got an answer to this, leave a comment and I’ll put all the correct answers into a tin/hat/barrel/my pocket before picking out the winner.

This month the prize is as follows;

Custom Skyline Hardtop 2000GT-X

If you click the picture it will take you to 1999.co.jp which will then allow you to see more pictures of the model itself.  You don’t have to run the square lamps, it comes with stock options as well.  Custom as.

Good luck! and once again thanks go out to Ewan @ hayatonka.com



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