So, I finally got around to getting the replacement boot/ducktail spoiler for my C110 from Yahoo! Auctions Japan (cheers Ewan! (, not long before finding out that I need to get a new job.   Probably for the better in that who the hell knows when I would have been able to afford it if I didn’t dive right in when the Yen was at horrific 60 to a single NZD woes.

Here’s a quick preview of it on it’s own, taped in place for the time being.

Quack, Quack Quack.

The difference between the appropriate spoiler and the GMH Torana GTR-XU1 version that was on there, is IMMENSE.  You’d not think it would be all that bad having a slightly different one on there but having now sat the proper one on, I can safely be disgusted by myself for keeping the other on there for so long.

More pictures in the coming days, including one or two of the rest of the FRP taped in place and the SSR Longchamp XR4′s on as well.  It gives a decent glimpse of what will be the temporary “end” result (until the appropriate wheels are found and bought, not to mention the oodles of rust repair that still need done).  Still, it’s nice to see things somewhat taking shape, provides good motivation to continue along the replica 110GT-R route.

Again, huge thanks goes out to Ewan @ Hayatonka for all his assistance in attaining these bits and bobs for me.  Now, if I can get myself another job to be able to pay for the rust and engine work, I’ll finally be living with the copious amounts of awesome that a 110GT-R replica provides.


During the blog downtime last week, I received a message in my inbox from a couple in Malaysia who had contacted me to show me their C110 Project, they had been given my email address by Ewan ( whose contact details they had received by reading this entry “Want to buy from YAJ? Here’s How” many months ago, doing such they managed to attain a few parts through Ewan from Yahoo! Auctions Japan which they then have shipped to Singapore (where they work) before embarking on a coach ride back, with the items, to where they live in Ipoh (that’s a 6 hour journey).  A 6 month process to date sees the short wheel base, 4cylinder car, looking fantastic;

Clean and Beautiful in White.



January 7, 2010

Speaking of RS-Watanabe’s.


Oh mai.

So, you like RS-Watanabe’s and you own a classic Skyline or similar.  Watanabe’s do command quite a premium and perhaps don’t have the same significance that these do;

Mmmm, 8-spoke.

If you’re too lazy to click it to find out more info, what you’re looking at is a 14x8J ’0′ offset Optional Wheel, presumably for use with the PGC10 you’ve just bought.  Nice.  A pair for 50,000JPY starting.  Seems reasonable?


Who the %&#^ is Chris Cain?

December 16, 2009

You tell me. Because whoever he is, he owes me $20 for these mirrors I just picked up (via

All claims shall be made to orion at tx3nz dot com.

p.s. Apologies for the lack of updates recently… I should really write something about my recent roadtrip to Wellington. Here is a photo to tide you over until then:

them turbines be HUEG (by decypher the code)

them turbines be HUEG