Inspiration; Twins

January 31, 2011

True awesomeness

It’s photographs like this that make me question whether I’ve chosen the right route for paint of my C110 and whether I should just go down the tried and true white GT-R clone.


Possibly the last entry on this.  These pictures surfaced just the other day, taken by ‘ShavenYak’ the owner of the sweet old Hiace van you’ll see in the following pictures…

Torana, Hiace, Commodore, Cedric & Rodeo.

Celica, Celica, Celica, Celica, Celica, Civic.


The turnout for this meeting did appear to be quite on the low side.  The conflict of dates around this time of year likely doesn’t aid attendance numbers but it’s good to see a few cars and the people who dig ‘em out and about.  I’ll be able, myself, to attend this one year.  However distant in the future that might be, I guess the longer it takes the more likely I am able to bring the Prince as opposed to the Kenmeri.  AAAAAAAaaaannnyhoo;

Leon's Isuzu Gemini

JZ-powered Hilux


A trophy cabinet full of slammed Crowns with various motivation.

This event started with very humble beginnings, the idea and thought that most people have had, to start an event that caters for Japanese classics.  It’s very few and far between in NZ.  Our small country’s classic car scene has been dominated for the most part by the rodders of V8 and concourse of European (including British) types.  Japanese cars (as with a lot of western society, I imagine) tend to have been looked down upon and scoffed at by such crowds.  The reality is though that Japanese cars are more accessible to most, as in their heyday, they’re cheaper and more reliable than their more “prestigious” counterparts.

Enough of the blather though, this is an online blog, you didn’t come here to read my dribble, you came to check out the photographs.  So here you go.

70's Mitsubishi GTOs.. remember when the GTO was awesome?


Trawling through minkara often nets some interesting and inspirational finds.  Observe.

Kenmeri (ケンメリ) C110 GT-R Look.