More of this and of the 2011 Classic Speed Fest. in the coming days, it’s taking a lot longer to go through the photos than I anticipated.

Snoozin's Mk.II Triumph Mk.II reaches a conclusion

With a few blips of the throttle thrown in for good measure… I should really invest in a better microphone. Either that, or not record stuff to my iPod :D

Love the little ‘burble’ in the exhaust note, Michael once described it as sounding “like the car was underwater”. L20ETs have a similar sound if you listen closely.

not long to go before I begin the big boost build…

Here we have a cheesy 1982 promotional video for the R30 Skyline… it’s the BEST WAY to your heart!

Features appearances by the late greats Sakurai-san and Paul Newman, plus interesting footage of the design stage, clay models, and early test vehicles. The RS sneaks in towards the end as well.

I shouldn’t need to say much more than that – just take a look for yourself.

The music track is The Best Way To Your Heart, by Maxine Dixon, which played in the background of the original R30 television ads. Given the lyrics I wonder if Nissan commissioned this song especially? And ironically enough, the majority of the “cruising around” scenes were shot in the United States – one market where the car was never sold.

with credit to the original Youtube uploader (IKnowSkyline) – check out his other awesome Skyline-related promotional and informational videos here, including another video featuring Paul Newman set to the Butch Cassidy version of Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head… see what they did there?

An early PNV decal design?

YouTube – IKnowSkyline’s Channel »

This Sunday been (06/02) saw a myriad of machinery parked and placed for all to ogle.  The following pictures of said event were taken by one K-trips (Mr. Smith) and one Mr. Nate Mitchinson big-ups to these chaps for sharing them with me and in turn you lovely readers of this meager blogsicle.  I’ll start the viewing with my favourite of the selection…

Roadrunner, if he catches you... ..well... ...he won't catch you.

As K-tripleThreat stated after he shared this photo, what makes this car is the utilised look.  It’s badass and it’s used as a car, not a trophy or lah-de-dah symbol of snobbery.    The Globe alloy and tyre combo look staunch as shit and decent on something other than the standard Falcon fare they’re normally found on.  Just outright awesome.  Love it.

S to the lammed. Smooth and Sweet.

This was another that caught my eye as a standout.  Carry-on for more pictures of it and some of the other masses of metal that took part…


Giz these rims NOWE

February 2, 2011

I’ll just leave this here.

AW11 on 15 inch Linea Sports

Time to hunt myself down a set of Linea Sport rims ex Japan…

Toyota MR2 1.6 G for sale on Yahoo! Autos Japan »