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“What is this?” you ask, “RC blogging about a car built after 1989?” Considering the car in question is a Lancia Delta (first released 1979) I feel this is wholly justified!

One owner, 69,000km, telephone dial rims and black interior, what’s there not to like? Even the price is sweet, coming in at a reasonable 450,000 yen (no reserve); that’s only 7200 NZ pesos.

Oh yes.

or if you’re feeling rich you can hit the buy now for a cool 780,000 yen ($12,800).


It’s quite amazing what will sometimes pop up on trademe.  In this instance it’s a 1966 130-series Cedric.

1966 Nissan Cedric

Not the prettiest of cars and certainly not in mint condition but as any Cedric aficionado will tell you, it’s not an easy one to come across.  The 1966 was the very first of the 130-series which received three face-lifts in it’s tenure.  What sets the “Mark I” apart aesthetically from the rest of the 130 variants, are the block like tail-lamps that sit far to each side, as shown in the next photo…



GC211 sedan of low.

All your trendy memes rolled into one epic photo!

Nissan SKYLINE GT L20 SOLEX R200 DIFF for sale at Yahoo! Autos »

Spotted on AMON: one very tidy 1980 series 1 RX-7. I kinda prefer the smoother lines of the updated series 3 fascias, side mouldings and bumpers but SA22Cs have one of the sweetest looking bodystyles in my books regardless.

All panda spec, albeit with a body coloured fibreglass ducktail.


It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts and a few on there today are well worth sharing, so.. here goes!

Citroen ID19 - $1000 S=R