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Can’t help but think: one drive around the block here in NZ and that front spoiler’s gonna break off…

Looks like a lot of time and effort went into reproducing the Silhouette kit, and the price tag reflects that. The rims aren’t exactly right and it may not be running a LZ20B under the bonnet, but there’s more than enough cool bits attached to the FJ20 to make it sound like it could be pretty fun!

Yours for a cool 2.5 million yen.

I don't even think I could get it into my driveway.

Tomica DR30 Skyline Silhouette replica for sale on Yahoo Auctions Japan »

Not really retro or classic but I have huge love for the S13 Silvia and whilst browsing what was available ex-Japan (cheaper than the ridiculous prices locals ask for their cars) I stumbled upon this old track warrior;

GT-300 Class awesomeness.

How freakin’ cool would it be to own this?  If my poor translation of the text is to be believed, for reasons unknown it’s FJ20-powered ex-DR30.  It also triggers memories of modifying cars to “Race-spec” on Gran Turismo and ending up with this exact wide-body setup.  Love it.

It could be yours too, for a cool 2,500,000JPY

It means business.

My brief attempt to find any photos of it racing resulted in massive doses of fail.  I did find a tiny photo that showed the NISMO Calsonic 32 leading a different S13 around a corner but that’s about it asides from a diecast with this wide-body.  If anyone has any luck with GT-300 photographs showing one of these kitted 13′s or this particular one racing, let me know!  In the meantime, here’s the auction…


5,472km. Probably one of the least travelled EB1s in the world.

According to the ad this car was on display at Honda’s head office in Manukau for a number of years, and I can corroborate that story as I used to drive past the place a few times every week. Always wondered what the deal was with the little red Civic sitting in the showroom window…

Then one day about three years ago it mysteriously disappeared, only to be replaced by a new Accord and then later an Insight. I guess this explains where it ended up.

Brings back fond memories of a certain 'little red gonda'

Honda Civic Hondamatic 1977 for sale on Trademe »

Car For Sale: Nero Turbo

February 27, 2011

When it comes to the subject of ’80s turbocharged Japanese ferocity, these are indeed a rare sight.

Isuzu Piazza Nero Turbo, tuned by Irmscher. Sweet rims too.

Marketed as the successor to the cult 117 coupe, styled by Giugiaro, tuned by Irmscher, and with a 2 litre turbo donk under the hood powering the rear wheels, once can’t help but feel that the Isuzu Piazza should be heaps popular, given the resurgence of ’80s nostalgia in the last few years. Unfortunately, they just aren’t.

Being sold in Australia and New Zealand as a Holden probably didn’t help either.


Just $5000NZD (€2800EU, $3800USD, £2400GBP , 13800QAR, руб110401RUB, RM11400MYR, ¥316000JPY excl. Transport & Shipping) and it’s yours.  I don’t care where in the world it goes, I’m not Carmen Sandiego.

Just Beachy

I want to get my C110 sorted desperately and so I need to sell this.  You’d be buying an awesome car as well as helping out another awesome car.  Is there a greater gift?

No.  There is not.

…and here’s the entry from when I bought it;