Retro Videos

Thankfully you don’t have to try and scour the memory banks for visions of your own any longer as the AACForums have kindly posted the Hardies Heroes (Top 10 Qualifier Shootout) from the 1984 series.  It’s far more exciting to watch than the modern fodder, that’s for sure.  It has other such wonders as Moffatt driving an RX7 also.  Awesome stuff.  I suggest you have a gander.

Of course, then this whole incident happened, which was a bit of a drama… (more…)

Combine a 12 volt battery, a GM-4M amp, a KP-707G cassette deck/graphic EQ combo, a speaker I pulled out of my old AW11, and an old tape I had lying around… clearly I had nothing better to do this evening.

The setup will eventually be going into the RX-7 anyway, so it was a useful test if nothing else.

So, how much power does that silly old 60′s tech non-crossflow L-series 6 make…      …on carbs?

A little digging about on the minkara page to attempt to clarify resulted in this find;


This time I even created a pro little title card for the beginning of the video, wooo.

annoyingly the sound is still distorted in places, the only way to fix this is to record with something that isn’t an ipod.

I love the angry idle, it gets deliciously lumpy around 30 seconds in. Basically DR30s are awesome, FJ20s are awesome, lumpy cams are awesome, putting a big turbo on will be awesome… etc

in other news, these should clean up well.

authentik '80s Linea Sport Fin