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October 21, 2009

Now many weeks post purchase of my Daihatsu Max, searches for Rings and Pins etc. coming up with nothing but “Out Of Stock” or needing to be tracked down with huge delays on each side of the stretch of water separating Japan and New Zealand, delays of course not due to the people involved in helping me (much thanks goes out to Dell’orto from OS, Ewan and others for attempts to find them locally) but rather delays from those that stock, could potentially stock, or sell the aftermarket brand that makes the appropriate replacements.

I was met with more disappointment yesterday not related to the Max when the GT-R badge I had placed a bid on went above and beyond what I could afford (though it did end up selling for exactly as much as I expected) then an effort to buy a replacement vehicle post sale of my Terrano fell through when some cad had the nerve to click the “Buy Now” option on the Auction.  Something I wasn’t willing to do without checking the Fiat out first.  Those who know Fiats will know why that is.

However, all was not lost.  I decided after searching my usual fare on YAJ, I would crack into another series of Daihatsu searches and after the third search variation (I have to try about 5 variations on models and codes and several hundred pages of searching just “Daihatsu” items to find things for the Max) I stumbled upon these…

Oh yes!

Oh yes!

Not only are they a new kit but there were several available and after a hastily written email to Ewan @ Hayatonka I bought the 040 over-size ones.  A direct replacement for what was once in mine.  Not only that but the same chap had a Full Gasket kit.  You may recall that when I got mine, it came with a brand new replacement head-gasket but being I’ll need to put the intake and exhaust back on,  I’ll need more.  So, stoked!  They will be on their way to NZ in due course and this leaves me with only the needle roller bearings to get to install and reassemble the engine.   Eeeeeeeexxxcceellent!

Finally some progress!



October 16, 2009

Why is it that when you’re least able to buy something is when it becomes available to buy?!

The Holy Grail of GT-R badges has just popped up on YAJ (Yahoo! Auctions Japan), the illusive rear panel badge.  A genuine one, no less!

Though the bidding is low I guarantee it will sky-rocket and even if it doesn’t go to ludicrous levels, it’s still beyond my means at the moment.

I’ve grown quite tired of being skint.


“Serious” Dash

October 15, 2009

I wish my current logistical situation allowed the importation of this.


but as it stands, I can only sit by helplessly, watching the auction close at 183,000 yen reserve met (a paltry NZ$2700) and dream of what could have been…

more photos here »

ローレル For Sale

October 9, 2009

Whilst doing some digging to try and find part numbers to the JDM IRS C32 shocks, I stumbled upon many things Laurel ( ローレル) and thought to myself, well hell, why not make an entry with a few different ones that are for sale currently on YAJ (Yahoo! Auctions Japan) .. SO!  Here goes;

C32, its like a GX61/71, but Nissan.

The C32, it's like a GX61/71, but Nissan.

This tidy example is up for 250,000JPY “Buy Now” roughly $3800 in New Zealand dollars. It’s a 2litre Auto but without any engine shots, it could be either L20E or RB20E powered.  The Hakosuka type boot spoiler fits quite well with the boxy shape.


Shame about my lack of cash and their minor lacking in diameter.  Though if I had the cash, I would make an exception;

14x9 and 14x11

14x9 and 14x11

…one day…