YAJ – Yahoo! Auctions Japan

Who the %&#^ is Chris Cain?

December 16, 2009

You tell me. Because whoever he is, he owes me $20 for these mirrors I just picked up (via hayatonka.com).

All claims shall be made to orion at tx3nz dot com.

p.s. Apologies for the lack of updates recently… I should really write something about my recent roadtrip to Wellington. Here is a photo to tide you over until then:

them turbines be HUEG (by decypher the code)

them turbines be HUEG

So, you like slot mags?

December 8, 2009

Enkei Dish is the Japanese equivalent of what is and has been a mainstay in NZ automotive culture for many, many years.  Irrespective of manufacturer, they’re well known colloquially as “Tridents” (despite their name actually being Tridens) they’re often seen on Kingswoods and Falcon’s of 70′s vintage.  Quite wide and usually with tyres whose second job is provided entertainment at children’s parties.

I was browsing YAJ and happened upon an auction for some brand new Enkei Dish wheels.  A few clicks later and I came across this page;


Which has them available for various PCDs in both 15×8 ’0′ offset and 15×10 ’0′ offset.  Perfect for that period correct 70′s machine.

Horrible on the Jeep that they’ve shown but a lot smarter on the likes of this;



If I were a rich man

November 22, 2009

…I would buy these NOS roof visors (aka monsoons) for the KDR. 30,000 yams (NZ$466) is what they’re going for, which is a bit on the ridiculous side if I’m honest.


But I’m not feeling particularly rich this month having spent quite a bit on the TX3, so I’ll have to pass. Maybe I’ll get lucky and score some 2nd hand ones for a fraction of the cost if they happen to turn up on YAJ.

also spotted this trawl: one genuine brand-new DR30 tail light lens. I didn’t even know you could replace them independently of the tail light housing, but I guess it’s possible with some patience (or if you know a panelbeater willing to undertake the job for you). Start price is 10,000 yen (NZ$156)

I like new old things. Don't you?

Engines on YAJ

November 17, 2009

So many awesome things to look at, so little money to actually buy them.

Nissan S20 Engine

Nissan S20 Engine

1.5mil JPY and the starting bid is not the reserve.  Why does that not surprise me?  Imagine how cool it would be to have though.  Beyond cool.  Immense.

Of course, for 10% of the starting bid of the S20, you could actually own an RB26;

Nissan RB26 Engine

I’d rather it was the S20 spinning my wheels but I’d not turn down an RB26…     …anyone?


MAX Excitement!

October 29, 2009

It’s been an exciting last few days for me, in that yesterday I received one parcel from Japan, via Palmerston North and today I received another. The first parcel had come via Palmerston North as it had stuff from Yahoo! Auctions Japan, (bought for us kindly by Ewan @ Hayatonka) for both myself and for my friend Richard (Snoozin), so it got sent to him for him to be able to extract his bits and then was passed further onto me.

The first box contained parts that I had bought blind for the Daihatsu Max, they had been listed strangely and on the off chance they were correct for the vehicle, I gave it a stab.  Of course a few days later the correct stuff popped up so I grabbed them regardless, which turned out to be a good idea as the first Ring Set I bought was way off.  I assume for a 500cc or greater engine.  I think the Air Filter though, might still be usable;

You have to love the packaging, Black and Red spots.  Nice.  Also included in the first box was something that will appeal to those who enjoy my “Guess the Car” blog entries.  (more…)