YAJ – Yahoo! Auctions Japan

“What is this?” you ask, “RC blogging about a car built after 1989?” Considering the car in question is a Lancia Delta (first released 1979) I feel this is wholly justified!

One owner, 69,000km, telephone dial rims and black interior, what’s there not to like? Even the price is sweet, coming in at a reasonable 450,000 yen (no reserve); that’s only 7200 NZ pesos.

Oh yes.

or if you’re feeling rich you can hit the buy now for a cool 780,000 yen ($12,800).


Received an email over the weekend from Ewan @ Hayatonka stating that the container heading to NZ will be delayed until March due to some logistical problems with a couple of parts yet to arrive.

This is good news for anyone still mulling over whether to purchase something off YAJ (as you’ve now got another month to get your arse into gear), but maybe not so good for anyone wanting stuff in a hurry.

damn, guess this means my Defi junk won’t be here for a little while longer.

In the days before standalone engine management systems really came into their own, piggyback systems were The Big Thing. Marketed as (deep breath) “a plug-in fuel management system designed to supplement and refine the OEM fuel curve to maintain a proper air/fuel mixture when increasing boost pressure in turbocharged applications”, HKS’ F-CON series was one of the more popular choices to come out of Japan during the ’80s and ’90s.

HKS Programed (sic) Fuel Computer.

From what I can gather, the F-CON simply hooked into the standard ECU injector signal and modified it to allow for increased fueling at higher boost levels, not unlike some of the more esoteric “boost enrichment solenoid” DIY kits of the late ’90s. Further fine-tuning of the ‘map’ could be achieved through use of a plug-in hand controller.

This particular F-CON is for the DR30 and US12 FJ20ET, and doesn’t come with the piggyback harness nor boost sensor (which are both necessities given the age of the product). As a result, the start price is an incredulously low 2011 yen.

I could almost be tempted to buy it for squid (for bonus points in the “authentik ’80s mods” category) but without a harness it’s pretty much useless other than for trinket value.

And besides, I’ve already got a Link G4…

DR30 US12 FJ20ET HKS F-CON (body only) for sale on Yahoo! Auctions Japan »

Following on from the success of the first container landing in August, Ewan and the folks over at Hayatonka.com have announced that a second container is currently being organized for dispatch to NZ in late January. So perhaps not quite in time for xmas, but most folks are currently in the mood for a good shopping spree anyway…

Hit up ewan@hayatonka.com with your Yahoo Auctions Japan order; if you’re not familiar with the process, have a gander here.

You can also check out this blog post over at C’s Garage to get a better idea of shipping costs for various items.

As always, mention retro-classics and you’ll receive a discount on your final bill!

First container - great success!

Occasional browsing on YAJ (Yahoo! Auctions Japan) for wheels can bring up some interesting and sometimes surprisingly cheap wheels.  What you soon discover however, is that the exponential price increase factor in wheels is the width.

Although these wheels are still quite spendy, were they the same width and offset in an SSR Mk.II, Mk.III, Work Equip, RS-Watanabe, Hayashi Street or any of the other more detailed design centres, their price would be easily double what it is now.

10" Wide - That makes these the Front Pair.

12" Wide - That'll be the Rears then.

They’re not my thing at all but for those just after outright width while retaining the Japanese connection they’re a fairly solid route to take.

Now of course if they are your thing and you’re interested in purchasing them, just hit up Ewan from Hayatonka.com with the auction links and he’ll be able to help you out.