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Giz these rims NOWE

February 2, 2011

I’ll just leave this here.

AW11 on 15 inch Linea Sports

Time to hunt myself down a set of Linea Sport rims ex Japan…

Toyota MR2 1.6 G for sale on Yahoo! Autos Japan »

Man, this theme took some serious tweaking and pissing about and everything else.  No doubt there’s still screwy bits here and there so if you see them, let me know.  It’s likely something I cannot bother to fix but at the very least, I will know.

Here’s a picture of a KE20 that I took back in September.   The surrounding content should look familiar to some of you northern hemisphere types, given the time of year.

Seen it all before, I'm sure.

Hope everyone likes the new look, too bad if you don’t.  I’m digging hard on the brown/beige/orange/white combo.


In response to Michael’s last post here is proof that, yes, it is summer, actually. :P

Summer roadtripping!


GC211 sedan of low.

All your trendy memes rolled into one epic photo!

Nissan SKYLINE GT L20 SOLEX R200 DIFF for sale at Yahoo! Autos »

With Xmas less than a week away (and the new year following not long afterwards) I turn my attention back to this post made shortly after the turn of 2010 involving a certain silver Skyline. It was a rather whimsical entry detailing a list of things which needed to be done in order to gain “400PS+” in said vehicle, and the first steps taken down this path… of glory? destruction? Something like that.

Fast forward nearly twelve months, and the list now looks like this:

COMMITMENT, part 2. Or what actually happened in 2010.

That! was! MADNESS!

So contrary to all expectations at the time, 2010 ended up being the Year of the Banana instead.

One bitter irony: I fixed the Skyline’s alternator with parts from Japan, only to have it shit itself again in exactly the same manner as before. As a result I now plan to fit an alternator from a Subaru in protest. Screw you, Nissan.

But don’t worry, 2011 will more than likely become the Year of the Squid, if the (more…)