Random Retro Snap

More of this and of the 2011 Classic Speed Fest. in the coming days, it’s taking a lot longer to go through the photos than I anticipated.

Snoozin's Mk.II Triumph Mk.II reaches a conclusion

Muffler leaves a little to be desired but the rest is poifekt.

Eww, the front.

I’m no fan of the beak on the RX3, it reminds me of the beak on the 2nd Gen. Camaro, which is also terrible.  Still, slap an 808 front on and you’ve got a winner of all and everything.

Photo was shared by Pikachu Girl via AusRotary.com


Amongst the misty mountain trails…

Zeb's 260C-izzle

Slide-ways Retro

…or the Dunedin hillsides.  One of the two.


I received these photos from Steve (nzmax, fellow 1st Gen. Prince Skyline owner) the other day and thought that I would throw them online to share with you guys.  This is what eventuates when circumstances change and you have to relocate a few classic Prince vehicles.  The image with the most impact is definitely this one of one BLSID-3 towing a Skyway W21B-4 on a trailer;

Utilising 1900cc of 4-cylinder OHV magic, the 4-wheel drums could be sketchy...

That’s not to say this following ones are any less amazing moments in time, of course.  For instance, this shot of an S21S-4 Skyline on a trailer being towed by a 1963 Pontiac Laurentian has it’s own levels of lovely.

Needs a little work, one careful lady owner?


…so we put a Skyline on your Skyline.

Model cars rule!