Photographs for Wallpaper

Over the next few days I’ll be throwing up some various sized images scanned taken from my latest acquisition from YAJ, the “Spirit of Skyline” book.  Here’s the one for today in a larger 1600×1200 scale, not all will be this size, sadly as it’s an old book the smaller photos even when scanned at a larger DPI, do not come out too well.

Prince Skyline GT-Bs and Race Pit-Crew

Prince Skyline GT-B's and Race Pit-Crew

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Sorry for the lack of anything posted yesterday and also for the lack of anything of substance in this post. I’ve been a bit busy and had the mind occupied with the potential purchase for me of another Prince Skyline, it has been consuming all my thoughts and in turn I neglected this site, I’ll try to not let that happen again. Honest.

Whilst I try compile something for later today, here’s a big ass picture for your downloading desires;

Prince Skyline Sprint 1900 (R52)

Prince Skyline Sprint 1900 (R52)

The picture is hosted on where there’s some pretty cool other vehicles to squizz at too, so take a look around.


After being inspired to try my new arrivals on the car I thought I would upload a high-res version of this photo, just because I quite like it.  I’ll assume someone else might too… perhaps…


1600x1200 Wallpaper for you peeps.

Same deal as previous ones, either click directly on it or alternatively right click and “Save Target As…” or “Save Link As…” depending on your browser.


More RC & EP Wallpapers

February 1, 2009

This time I asked ElPieso for some larger shots from the “Wheels on the Waterfront” shoot, a particular few had caught my eye that I thought would make for some pretty impressive wallpapers.

retro-classics & elpieso wallpaper, number 2

retro-classics & elpieso wallpaper, number 2

Again they’re in 1600×1200, to download them just follow these simple instructions;


To bring you, epic wallpapers!  As well as some photographic coverage of Wellington based events.

In collaboration with ElPieso (, retro-classics offer you the first of what shall be many different Wallpapers over the coming months/years/however long.

The image is in 1600×1200, to download it;


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Internet Explorer;

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In this instance, elpieso sent me the original image and I messed around with it a bit on Adobe Photoshop to give it that slightly aged look.  I like it, I hope you do too, and no, you can’t have the original.  Not this time.