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long story short, my mate Shaun spent four years and over $20,000 putting his V8 Skyline coupe together (it was one of the very first Nissan VH41DE conversions attempted worldwide, and the only KHR31) – he’s very meticulous when it comes to researching and building stuff. Yesterday was meant to be the GTS-8′s maiden voyage around Taupo racetrack, but instead not 20km from Taupo the tow van got its death sway on and ended up flipping multiple times, as well as the car trailer… with Shaun’s car strapped to it :shock:

This photo makes me a sad panda

Words cannot express how absolutely gutting this is, but fortunately no one was killed and no other vehicles were involved – Shaun’s dad and his friend Reuben were injured but are on track to making a full recovery.

however the power of the internets continues to amaze… (more…)

During the blog downtime last week, I received a message in my inbox from a couple in Malaysia who had contacted me to show me their C110 Project, they had been given my email address by Ewan (hayatonka.com) whose contact details they had received by reading this entry “Want to buy from YAJ? Here’s How” many months ago, doing such they managed to attain a few parts through Ewan from Yahoo! Auctions Japan which they then have shipped to Singapore (where they work) before embarking on a coach ride back, with the items, to where they live in Ipoh (that’s a 6 hour journey).  A 6 month process to date sees the short wheel base, 4cylinder car, looking fantastic;

Clean and Beautiful in White.


Some of you who have been around the e-nets for a while,on the retro and classic side of things at least, particularly those who frequent retro-rides.org may recall the infamous “Crazy Octopus” it belonged to a chap from the US, it was his track hack and it’s general unkempt condition and amusing paint-job created a bit of a following.  For those of you unaware this is the first Crazy Octopus;

It's an octopus... and it's crazy!

There was just something about the car that had quite an appeal, FC’s are a wicked beast on many levels, I guess it might have been the diversion from regular appearances of these cars that gave the Crazy Octopus it’s appeal.  However!  Slowly the FC faded into distant memory, though it may well have existed it was out of the spotlight as it were… until recently.  The owner of the car re-appeared on the retro-rides forum and I clicked on his thread with much anticipation.  The FC was no more, there was however a new candidate to replace it…

An S30Z of US "Datsun 240Z" persuasion.

..and so began the documented build to turn this dilapidated Japanese classic into the next incarnation of the Crazy Octopus.  I had planned to wait until the car was complete before I shared it with you guys but I couldn’t help myself.  After there were videos posted of the noise that bellows from the L24 w/ triples my mind exploded with awesome and possibilities and inevitabilities of what my own machine will sound similar to, as such, I present you with a few photos of the progress and the glorious aural pleasure that is an L-series 6 on song.


Yeah… Z Honda, not Honda Z which is a car in it’s own right.  I was scoping out the F20C powered Sunbeam Minx thread on the ChevyTruck forums (weird place to find it, right?) and part way through the builder shared this link to YouTube of an S30Z with F20C motivation.  I dig it.

200rwhp. Not too shabby!


Wait... What?

I think this is possibly one of the coolest conversions I’ve ever seen.  Take 1x Y30 Cedric Wagon and graft on bits from a 720 Pickup.  Not only does it suit it right down to the ground on the face of it, but the detail done to the rear is also very staunch looking…