Citroën height correctors

February 14, 2010

Hey guys.

Long time since I posed here, so thought it was time I got my act together and wrote something.

Welcome to Workshop De La Cameron.


What the…

August 21, 2009

Now this is creepy as all fuck. At first I thought it was a Volvo 480, then I had to literally double take before I realized it wasn’t just someone screwing around with the camera lens.

What. The.


Swap meet 09

August 7, 2009

I figured that I would expand on kytelers post and post up some of my favourite cars from the Palmerston North swapmeet 09

I was a huge fan of the rat Herbie, would be so awesome if it could be made road legal

Huge V12 Lincoln that had a carb smaller than most 70s cars


The KidVrod

July 17, 2009

Was trawling the net the other day and came accross this.

Quite possibly the coolest dad in the world, Kristian From finland built a scaled down Beetle for his son to compete in soapbox derbys etc. Im just amazed that he managed to keep all the proprtions right when hacking so much out of the car. Seeing as im not so good at typing I will let the pics do the talking.

Before the transformation

Before the transformation

cut down door compared to standard

cut down door compared to standard


Bertone cars

July 1, 2009

Was browsing wikipedia and figured I would do a post about some Bertone cars and concepts that i thought were choice.

First up is the Fiat Dino coupe which is beautiful