Attempts to find a motor on it’s own for my newly purchased coupe a whole sedan came up on trademe, it was de-registered but completely stock. This meant it was an ideal candidate for a motor and everything else I require, as luck would have it, it was also red!

HR30 Skyline sedan – Donor car

I won the auction and drove to Ashburton a few weekends later to pick up the new acquisition, seeing it in person it was even cleaner than the auction had let on. The previous owner was sad to see it go, he’d replaced it with an R33 GTS25t coupe some years ago, de-registered it and then used it to tow around a horse doo-dad which it had been doing quite happily for some 8 years.

I managed to get the trip to collect done in a single day, leaving me at least on day of the weekend to recover and relax before returning to work.

The subsequent week at work I managed to pull a muscle in my back.  Not ideal as it has put somewhat of a halt on proceedings to get the precious parts switched from one to the other.  I did however cautiously and gingerly waddle about removing as much of the easier to remove stuff as I could on the coupe, leaving it looking like this… 

Stripped down KHR30

The eagle eyed of you may note that the coupe and it’s older siblings are situated in their new home.  It’s been a fairly exciting last month or so getting it all sorted but having my own house and a decent sized shed to work on my cars is pretty damned magic.  Shelter and space means a lot more of the menial labouring jobs will be getting done on the cars, however mortgage means that some of the parts gathering might not happen quite as quickly as I’d hoped.  Still, onwards!  Hopefully these muscles in my back settle themselves down a bit and I can get onto the nitty gritty of this swap.

Here’s some proof to show that the L20ET in the donor car is in OK condition;

Shed skids, complete.

Stay tuned (but not too regularly, you might have noticed the updates have been relatively infrequent, I’ll try and change that  but I can’t make any promises as now I have to work on a house as well as the cars)


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