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March 18, 2009

In continuance from yesterday’s post, I thought I would do another Country of Origin selection, this time dealing with some of OS’s member’s rides selections from over the ditch.  Again, as with the American category.  There’s not a massive amount of these on oldschool.  I think the main reason for this is that NZ is well catered for, club wise, for these vehicles and so most end up on other forums.  Generally the yokel, one-eyed, incest type forums who think that anything Japanese or European is inferior because it doesn’t have a pushrod V8 in it.  Not all the time of course and not everyone with those cars is like that.  As is the case with the society though, the loud minority makes their presence felt more times than the majority.  I digress!  Onto the cars;

1971 Chrysler Valiant

1971 Chrysler Valiant

This fine specimen of a Valiant was only purchased by OS member ‘lowrota’ quite recently.  It’s been kept in damn good shape and the VG is by far one of my favourites.  I think it’s the parklamps in the top of the front fenders that does it for me.

The thread for the car, though small, can be viewed here;


1970 Holden Torana

1970 Holden Torana

Quite possibly my favourite of all Australian cars.  The small Torana’s.  The 2-door GTR-XU1 being my pick of the litter of all Aussie vehicles, this 4-door LC sedan should by no means be over-looked, having recently clocked a 13.1 quarter mile time still using it’s prehistoric 202.  It’s thread can be viewed here;


1962 Holden Special EJ

1962 Holden Special "EJ"

This 60′s Holden is another vehicle that belongs to Rhys (Insani-T) who has the ‘rod on the previous “Americana” entry.  This is another project which sadly might be needing a new home soon so he can focus more on the ‘rod.  If you’re interested in this car you can contact Rhys via PM on the oldschool.co.nz site.  His thread is here;


1973 Ford Falcon XA

1973 Ford Falcon "XA"

Another recent trademe.co.nz purchase, the XA sedan has been made into a GT replica and needs a general tidy up and sorting out to finish off what someone else started.  It’s good to see these Falcon’s about on OS though.  There’s certainly a lot of them still kicking around the country, at least down my end.  Would be good to see one done in a slightly different style to your standard Aussie-spec.

This one can be seen here;


Ford Falcon XD

Ford Falcon "XD"

Ahh Speedway.  The inevitable and essential homeland of almost anything made in Australia.  Dirt, small track, crashes, missing teeth.  These are the things that ring true with any Aussie Falcon.  What greater colour scheme could you have on your XD Falcon than the TRU-BLU ATCC replica colours.  Magic.  This XD is one of many Falcons owned by ‘xafordgod’ , you can tell by the username though, that the majority are no XD’s but the much sweeter XA. Rather than go on an on about the awesomeness that is his cars.  I’ll just provide the pictures and a link… thusly;

The above XD;


1977 Ford Falcon XC Ute

1977 Ford Falcon "XC" Ute


1972 Ford Fairmont Coupe XA

1972 Ford Fairmont Coupe "XA"

1972 Ford Falcon GT Coupe XA

1972 Ford Falcon GT Coupe "XA"

Both these two amazing cars as well as another sedan are available to view here;


…and whilst still in the range of the XA, B, C Falcons.  It would be rude to not mention Lee’s (owner of the 1951 Ford in the Americana entry) Falcon wagon.  Which went from scruffy looking 6, to sweet looking and powered by an 8.

1973 Ford Falcon Wagon XA

1973 Ford Falcon Wagon "XA"


Changing from Aussie’s Ford stable, back to the Holden one and of the same era as the XA is the Aussie staple known as the HQ.

1973 Holden Belmont HQ

1973 Holden Belmont "HQ"

This car belongs to a fairly well known chap who has owned sucha  large variety of epic cars that it’s hard to not be in awe, plans for this HQ include a later model V8 and a supercharger.  Such is the way of the Aussie improvement.  A fairly typical move, but by no means a bad one.


1972 Holden Kingswood Ute

1972 Holden Kingswood Ute

In pretty much standard form with perhaps wheels being the only exception, this is a magic looking ute.  Bringing back a flood of memories for me.  I grew up with HQ’s, having essentially learned to drive in a Belmont wagon in white as this Kingswood Ute is.  You can view this car in all it’s minty fresh glory, here;


Last but not least.  Something that some people might not consider quite old enough but I think is still sweet.  A GM design borrowing special, the Holden Commodore;

1981 Holden Commodore VB

1981 Holden Commodore "VB"

This car is undergoing what all Commodore should, a transplant to a Nissan motor ;)


Being these were so common over here and in Aus, it’s suprising how few of them are done in a different style.  Most follow the tried and true I guess.

Anyway!  That’s us for today.  Again I’m unsure as to what I’ll do tomorrow so we’ll all find out then.  Enjoy!



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