PDL Mustang II

February 26, 2009
Yeah baby, circuit racer

PDL Mustang II

The second of the photo feature cars from this years Teretonga Classic Speed Fest.  This car might look ugly as all hell, but it’s a fantastically cool car at the same time.  Unfortunately I did not get a chance to see it on track due to my late arrival.  It’s nothing by comparison to the original PDL Mustang as far as aesthetics go but it makes up for it in a more sorted, purposeful race car appearance.

Wide-body, Wings, Slicks.  I bet this baby can move.

Wide-body, Wings, Slicks. I bet this baby can move.

I had heard that it would be attending and I was quite glad to see it in the scrutineering shed alongside the McLaren M23.  I started wombling about taking photos of the exterior and being the polite chap I am, I tried to take some of the interior through the lexan windows…

Interior through Plastic

Interior through Plastic

…as it’s not my property I don’t like to interfere with things, thankfully though at the point which I started doing so, the man in charge of the car greeted me and asked if I would like the doors open to take some proper interior shots.  Needless to say, the answer was yes, followed by a please.  So I took a few more pictures.

Ah, much clearer.

Ah, much clearer.

Drivers Side.

Driver's Side.

I thanked the man, shook his hand and then wandered out into the rain to carry on with the rest of my photography of the event.

You can see the rest of the shots in the flickr gallery here;

PDL Mustang II flickr

I have some shots of the original PDL Mustang that I will fire up here at some stage too.  Though it was some time ago before I had a camera that didn’t make everything look like hamburgers, so the shots are not fantastic.  Regardless.  Keep an eye out.


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