Ticket & Programme.  Check!

Ticket & Programme. Check!

As promised, though delayed (my apologies) I’ve uploaded the photos I took at the CSF this weekend just been.  Sadly there’s not too many, the weather was horrible and as a consequence I didn’t get out until late and a lot of competitors had packed up or their cars were tucked away in makeshift sheds and covers, sheltering from some bitter and cold rain.

Here’s a few samples of the gallery, follow the link at the bottom of the post to see the rest.

Alfa v. Fiat

Alfa v. Fiat

Fire McEngine!

Fire McEngine!

Jaguar MkI

Jaguar XK150

Teretonga Classic Speed Festival; 2009.  flickr album

As is usual, all the photos are available in 1024×768 in the galley, if there are any you would like bigger then just ask.

I will be doing separate entries on two cars that were there so keep an eye on posts in coming days.


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