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February 13, 2009
Direct from Japan!

Direct from Japan!

After Orion kindly posted about the closure of zeppan, I jumped onto their website and ordered what I could in the slim selection that was left.  They arrived today, thankfully my boss is Japanese and she happily transferred the money into Takeshi’s account for me.  The whole process took no longer than a week, even with several back and forth emails to add more on and comfirm details.  It’s such a shame that is closing up but I guess thems the breaks.

Anyway, here’s what I got;

K11 Nissan March NISMO Catalogue

K11 Nissan March NISMO Catalogue

Has some sweet kit in it, from LSDs to suspension to special wheels.  Always liked these little March/Micra’s would jump on one if given the chance.

Kadett GSi

Opel Kadett GSi

Kadett GTE

Opel Kadett GTE

Something perhaps a little unexpected but these are some sweet cars that generally went un-noticed in NZ and as such I was quite happy to grab the single page brochures on both of these vehicles.

Nissan Skyline

Nissan Skyline

This was the only early(ish) Skyline brochure left, it’s for the PJR30 which is the Z18S (carb!) powered R30 1800cc sedan.  It’s a good size too over 14 pages and with some awesome photos and details in there.

Toyota  @ Tokyo Motor Show 2005

Toyota @ Tokyo Motor Show 2005

Nissan @ Tokyo Motor Show 2005

Nissan @ Tokyo Motor Show 2005

Stoked with them really.  They didn’t cost me much and to have both Toyota and Nissan brochures from the 2005 Tokyo Motor Show, I think is pretty sweet, even if they’re not retro or classic, with most coverage of the events you miss out on so much, so it’s good to see a small sample of official documentation.

There’s bound to be still a few brochures to be gotten, so have a browse about on via Orion’s post “End of an era – to close” make contact with Takeshi via the email provided on the site, he’s very prompt in his replies and you’ll be given some payment options which are easy to sort out and you’re on your way to brochure awesomenss!


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