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December 17, 2008

A few years back, whilst taking part in oldschool.co.nz forums, one of the member’s managed to stumble across a UK based forum, at that stage both forums were still in relative infancy, from then they have both grown massive amounts, retro-rides more so, likely due to the larger population base that the UK has to offer vs. NZ.



I think the main reason why RR is so popular and why it has done so well is that for the most part it (thanks entirely to it’s dedicated founder and current moderating staff) has managed to avoid being too into any particular scene and as such always has a diverse range of member’s cars to show, another key point is that it’s always about the cars.  There’s no off-topic, there’s no deviation, you’re there to talk and to read about cars.

I’ve quickly jumped onto their Project Sub-forum, to share with you, some of the cars, that contribute to making RR the fantastic place that it is…

Click the photo on each one to be taken to the project thread where you can see and read more about them;

CR500Doms 1979 Opel Kadett

CR500Dom's 1979 Opel Kadett

Matt Jones - 1984 Mercedes 230E 5.5 V8

Matt Jones - 1984 Mercedes 230E 5.5 V8

Seths 1968 Hillman Minx Estate

Seths 1968 Hillman Minx Estate

yoeddynzs Mazda RX3

yoeddynzs Mazda RX3

soundhogs Citroen DS21

soundhog's Citroen DS21

xtrmjks 1987 Volvo 360 Turbo

xtrmjk's 1987 Volvo 360 Turbo

rmads 1979 Toyota Cressida

rmad's 1979 Toyota Cressida



Ok, now I could really go on forever, listing a myriad of absolutely fantastic rides that grace the pages of the wonder that is retro-rides.org I shall however limit myself. With one more, no, actually make that two more…

hongkongphooeys 1975 Toyota Celica

hongkongphooey's 1975 Toyota Celica

thedoctors 1974 Toyota Corolla

thedoctor's 1974 Toyota Corolla

Alright, so I lied…

I could wander the project threads for days on end… have another few that caught my eye;

bstardchilds 1972 Opel Commodore

bstardchild's 1972 Opel Commodore

daveyboys 1962 Chevrolet Impala

daveyboy's 1962 Chevrolet Impala

stueys 1987 Fiat 126

stuey's 1987 Fiat 126

Obviously, these are just project threads, I’ve not even touched upon the jovial nature of the General Car Chat area, which is another reason why the forum is so fantastic, lots of friendly people, helping others out when and where possible. Just a fantastic place to visit and to frequent. I would urge you, if you’ve not been there, go there now, join up, join in. You’ll not regret it.

They’ve expanded beyond mere internet status and have a national gathering of immense proportions as well as regional meetings, the only way is up and good on those involved for putting in the hard yards.

So before I end this blog entry, I would personally like to say thank-you HoTWire and team for providing such a fantastic resource and internet mainstay. Props to you chaps.


OK, screw it… three more;

alistairk's 1965 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight

alistairk's 1965 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight

HoTWires 1979 Datsun KB310

HoTWire's 1979 Datsun KB310

racer86s 1976 Toyota 1000

racer86's 1976 Toyota 1000


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