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January 30, 2009

OK, so we don’t have any but I’ve been stumbling all over the web across awesome coverage and thought I’d provide a few links for you peoples.

If you’re unaware, JCCA stands for Japanese Classic Car Association.  So there’s things about at these meetings from all over the globe and not just Japan.

My favourite coverage so far is from noriyaro.com

Lotus Europa

Lotus Europa

I love the way which he’s photographed most the cars, seems to be more atomosphere to his shots thant he others I’ve seen.  Perhaps due to the lateness in his getting there and the time of day the shots were taken, regardless they’re good work.  You can view the two entries on his blog here;

OLD TIN: Japan Classic Car Association’s New Year Meeting, Part I

OLD TIN: Japan Classic Car Association’s New Year Meeting, Part II

Besides noriyaro, Chris over on A B110 Perspective had a fan of his website happily provide him with some pretty damned epic shots, mostly of a Sunny focus but not entirely and definately worth a look;

Hino Contessa

Hino Contessa

Hino and Isuzu were the theme and invite of this years JCCA New Year meeting and as much there’s a display or two to show off the cars, fantastic cars they are too as this shot of a race prepped Hino Contessa coupe shows (stay tuned to retro-classics in the coming months for an Isuzu/Hino photoshoot of our own)

The rest of Damien’s shots for Chris are viewable here;

JCCA New Years Meet 09 – Welcome Damian.

Last but by no means least are those from Mike Garrett at Speedhunters.com

Mini Coopers

Mini Coopers

Speedhunters reknowned for their global coverage of awesome events, it’s no surprise that Mr. Garrett of Auto-Otaku.com and Speedhunters.com was going to provide fantastic coverage of the event, both of his entries on Speedhunters are able to be viewed directly by following these links;




If you know of any more you wish to share, just leave a comment and I’ll add it in with the rest!  (I know, I probably could have just searched myself for some more, but what can you do?)


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