B-B-B-Bird, bird, bird.  Bluebird’s the word.

So, I went up to Christchurch this weekend been to attend a “Hoarder’s Auction” an older Japanese gentleman had spent many years accumulating a large collection of both cars and completely random things that he picked up from other auction houses.  So when he passed, his son was so over-whelmed by the task of selling it, that he passed the job on to Christchurch Auctions.  (I’ll do another entry on the auction later)

I had initially planned on attending simply due to the presence in the line-up of another S21D-4 Prince Skyline Super, however after I inspected the S21, I soon discovered it was not worth a lot to me.  It was in worse shape than mine and only had a few parts that I could use.  The bidding soon got above a self-imposed limit and I followed along the auctions, watching many people grab many bargains.

Soon the auctioneer drew near a car I didn’t realise I would bid on, until the starting bid plummeted to a ridiculously low level, then once the bidding started, how could I stop?  So I didn’t until I won and this is what I won.

1962 Datsun Bluebird (P312)

...from the back. Oh yeah.

It didn’t come with the roof-rack, suitcase, esky or bicycle as that was put on by Chris (the Datsun friend kind enough to offer me space at his home despite having never met me until that very weekend)

I hadn’t even really had a good look around it until after I won it.  Thankfully it proved to be quite solid indeed, needing only a few minor patches of rust fixed and the interior being of magical quality for it’s age, only needing another steering wheel and an indicator switch.

Lower case 'd'

Last Service, Registration & WoF in 1993

Is your gearbox fully synchro'd?

The E1-series Powerhouse

Unfortunately, no spark to fire up the 1200cc of power.

60's badge of DATSUN glory.


Now what do I do?

I’ve gone and bought myself another car that I don’t really need.  Chris is going to fix the small portions of rust, while it’s at his house simply because he’s a good cunt.  Then I need to sort out getting it down to where I am.  Unless of course Chris falls in love with it even more… or Rez does….




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